Surprise – US jobless rate is by 8,6 % in the offical reading

Still a hard way to go



The fight against slower growing, will be won with further monetary policy:

The USA still have a very long and hard way to go. Some  favor that the Fed will going for a third round of quantitative easing, because  it  is the only powerful tool left.

Further fact is, that  the  US – economy needs to create at least 125,000 jobs every month just to keep the unemployment rate steady, because there is the same rate of unemployees in the shadow of the society.

The stats are driven by the private sector.

all the increase in nonfarm payrolls in November again came from the private sector, where employment rose 140,000 after increasing 117,000 in October.

Government employment fell by 20,000. Public payrolls have dropped in 10 of the past 11 months as state and local governments have tightened their belts.

Outside of government, job gains were almost across the board, with retail surging 49,800.

Elsewhere, construction payrolls fell 12,000 after losing 15,000 jobs in October. Factory jobs edged up 2,000, with most of the gains coming from automakers.

Health care and social assistance hiring rose 18,700 after adding 30,300 job in October. Temporary hiring — seen as a harbinger for future hiring – increased 22,300 after adding 15,800 jobs last month.

( Quelle: Reuters)


Das fallen auf 8,6 % sieht man im Chart nicht, doch gepaart mit den restlichen „Forward-Daten“ kann man sehr stark hoffen, das die Usa auch weiterhin und jetzt nachhaltig Jobs schaffen!

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